5 reasons to learn German

Today we will discuss five good reasons to learn the German language.

1. Germany is an important country in the EU

The reason why germany is so important within the European Union is because it is the biggest economy in the EU. Not only comes it on the first place in the Union but Germany scores the fourth place worldwide. It is the home of several big companies think of: BMW, Audi and Bosch.

2. Most widely spoken language in Europe

They do not only speak German in Germany but as well in other European countries such as: Austria, Switzerland and some parts of Italy and Belgium. This means that when you go on a holiday in Europe, you can use the language in different countries.

3. Some of the smartest people in the world were German

The German language is definitely worth learning for academic reasons. Think of all the smart people you know such as: Albert Einstein, Johannes Gutenberg and Max Planck. They all had at least one thing in common and that is that they were German. In addition to this, it is a fact that German ranks as the second most common used language in science.

4. Quite easy to learn for English speaking people

German and English originally come from the same heritage. Therefore, it is quite easy for English speaking people to learn German. The sounds may sound differ at first, but there will be words that you will recognize. 26% of the vocabulary of the English language comes from, yes you guess it, German!

5. Germans travel everywhere

When you know German you will definitely be able to speak it wherever you are. This because Germans themselve travel everywhere in the world. It does not matter if you are in your hometown, on a business trip or on a simple holiday you will for sure run into someone who comes from Germany.


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5 reasons to learn German

5 reasons to learn Spanish

Hello everyone, I am back and this time I will tell you why you should learn Spanish. I will mention 5 reasons, but of course there are many more than just these five!

1 | Spanish is a world language

With more than 350 million native speakers, Spanish is one of the world languages. This means that it is of absolute good use to learn the language when you have the ambition to travel, live or work abroad. The ability to speak a bit Spanish will make it easier to communicate with potential customers/business partners.

2 | Increase your attractiveness of being a potential employee

Learning and speaking a second language is always an addition to your CV. Job employers definitely take this into account when choosing their new employee. This is even more the case in today’s globalised world. Communication is the key and in order to communicate we speak a language. The more languages you speak the better it is.

3 | Communicate with your Spanish friends

When you learn the Spanish language you can finally communicate with your Spanish friends or inlaws in their native tongue. This will increase the bond that the two of you share and they will appreciate the gesture. In addition to this, you can ask them for advice!

4 | Relatively easy to learn

The Spanish language is a language that is relatively easy to learn depending on your background. As a result, you will learn the language faster and this makes it more fun to study as well.

5 | Enjoy books and movies in the Spanish language

There are more than 100 succesful authors that have written books and movies in the Spanish language. After learning the Spanish language, you will no longer have to watch with subtitles and you will be able to finally understand the insides jokes that the characters have.

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5 reasons to learn Spanish

5 good reasons to learn a foreign language

You may ask yourself why you should start to learn a new language when you are able to make yourself understandable with your mother tongue. Well, I will give you 5 good reasons why it is not only a smart decision to start learning a new language but also why it is fun.

  1. Study, work or live abroad
    When you have the skill to speak in the native language of the country you want to study, work or live in it makes it a lot easier to find for example a job or accomodation. In addition to this, the daily tasks will be much simpler than when struggling to understand everyone around you. If you speak the language of the locals, you show that you are trying to understand their culture and habits, this will earn you respect and you will have friends in no time.
  2. More opportunities
    It is a fact that employeers will hire the one who speaks multiple languages. The reason for this is that today we live in a globalised world where speaking more than one language is an absolute necessity. Another opportunity is to work as a freelancer or to work location independently which offer you great flexibility to do what you want when you want it.
  3. Good for your health
    Studies have shown that learning a foreign or second language is good for your health as it stimulates the brain. It improves the memory, increases the attention span and reduces the risks of age-related cognotive decline.
  4. Discover new cultures
    When you are in the process of learning a second language you are not just learning the language you will as well develop a knowledge of the culture. This will open up your mind and give you new perspectives about things you have always looked the same at.
  5. It’s fun!
    Last but not least, learning a second language is fun. It is a challenge that when you conquer the challenge will give you one of the greatest rewards in life and that is knowledge. You have the possibility to learn a language on your own or in group lessons where you can meet new possible friends. Starting to learn a second language is opening a door to a new world.

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5 good reasons to learn a foreign language

The best way to learn a new language

A few months ago I decided to learn a new language. To be more precisely, I decided to learn French. The time then came to search for a place to learn the language. After contacting many language schools I found out that the lessons always took place during a time that did not suit me. I had no power in choosing when I wanted to learn the language even though I was the customer.

What were the choices I had left? I saw no solution and almost thought about quitting my new challenge. I found it absolutely ridiculous, I thought we live in 2016, I can literally buy a house via the internet. That is when it hit me, why not learn a language online? I started my course at a language school called coLanguage and I must say, I have never been happier with my decision. It was just the same as a traditional school, the only difference was that it took place via the computer.

These were the biggest advantages that I experienced when learning online:

  • Learn the language when you want wherever you want it
  • Learn the language with a teacher via video chat or skype
  • The possibility of group classes
  • 24/7 online learning
  • Affordable prices

If you are interested as well in online learning click on the following link for more information: https://goo.gl/T1wnFz



The best way to learn a new language